Sam Bhatt

Sam Bhatt is a natural and gifted sales/marketing and advertising leader because he is known by all his peers as a driven man. He desires to exceed any expectation in front of him and strives for the best. He wants to teach others to do the same. He is a leader who surrounds himself with other leaders and visionaries. Sam started his career in sales in the grind of copier sales where he was an account manager. He has met success at every step along the way. He enjoys the meet, as well as the close of the sale.

Sam has been a leader in his field of lead generation, donor acquisition and strategy on all things marketing. Sam has led teams at Salem Media Group, Beliefnet, and more recently, Outreach Media Group—and at his various roles he has grown sales numbers, and built systems specifically in the lead generation space.

He also loves spending time with his family, and watching the Patriots!


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